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Caliente's FORMER MEMBER Special Returns - Limited Time!

Offer valid on new TWO-YEAR Memberships and limited to expired non-resident memberships of one year or longer.
Offer NOT valid on Seasonal Memberships.
SIXTY (60) Days same as cash is available!

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The Samba event promises to be SPECTACALAR!
Make sure you get your reservations in EARLY.
Dial (813) 996 - 3700 to reserve your table NOW!

Caliente Tampa Has The Hottest Theme Parties On The Planet!

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Be at Caliente Tampa this Saturday night as 40's Plus Party hosts this week's Party!

Caliente Karaoke News

It’s A Karaoke Dance Partythis Wednesday and EVERY Wednesdayin the Caliente Nightclub starting at 7:30 PM with Happy Hour during the first hour, hosted by DJ Nick (not the happy hour—just the Karaoke).

Karaoke is a Main Stage Event at Caliente with the very best Nightclub sound system anywhere—to make YOU sound like the STAR you ARE.

NEW $10 ENTRY-FEE For Non-Members at Caliente Resort Sunday through Wednesday after 6 PM for Couples, Single Ladies and Single Gentlemen who are on the Karaoke list.

Sunday Karaoke in the “World Famous” Tiki Bar starting at 5 PM.  This is the ONLY Tiki Bar Karaoke in the entire world that features Chad’s “special” Hot Dogs and Beer Brats; if you don’t see‘em, just ask, they're “Shockingly Good Dogs!!!

Join DJ Nick and the Caliente Karaoke singers this week in the Tiki Bar—you don’t have to be a singer—you don’t even have to like music—just come out for a good time with fun people.

The Caliente Open-Mic Crowd is immersed in planning the next OM event—let “Rock-Steady-Teddy” know your preferences for a date.

Caliente Karaoke Is:

Karaoke Dance Party
7:30 to 10:30 Wednesdays in the Nightclub
ONLY $10 ENTRY for non-member Couples and Single Ladies after 6 PM.
Happy Hour drink prices - 7:30pm to 8:30pm.

Sun ‘N Fun Karaoke SUNDAY
5:00 to 9:00 every Sunday in the Tiki Bar.

ONLY $10 ENTRY for non-member Couples and Single Ladies after 6 PM.
Happy Hour drink prices from 8pm to 9pm.

Sun ‘N Fun Karaoke SATURDAY
Once a month - 2nd Saturday each month!
5:00 to 9:00 Saturday in the Tiki Bar, our
next date is Saturday, July 8th.

Don't let bad weather deter you - the Caliente Karaoke crowd sings and dances rain or shine!

Thanks for supporting Caliente Karaoke, Lip Sync and Open Mic—where the members and guests ARE the entertainment. VR, Casino Bob

Caliente's Lineup of Weekend Entertainment at the Piano Bar

Listen to great entertainment every weekend at Caliente's Piano Bar.

Piano Bar Music Begins At:
6:30 PM - Thursdays,
6:00 PM - Fridays,
7:00 PM  - Saturdays and
6:30 PM Sundays.

$10 ENTRY on Sundays after 6 PM for Couples and Single Ladies.

Caliente's Piano Bar - the perfect venue to relax with friends and unwind at the end of the day.

Caliente Rocks... Sunday LIVE!

Spa Sereno & Logo Boutique

Free Guest Pass With Spa Services!

Receive a full days Fun & Sun at Caliente when you spend over $200 in the spa on any single day. Read details »

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Spa Sereno Seasonal Specials

Reservations are recommended but walk-ins are welcome!

Sorry, but no further discounts apply and no rain checks or splitting of services.

Make your appointment TODAY!  (813) 996 - 3700  ext. 248

Spa Sereno Fitness Classes

Spa Sereno at Caliente Tampa Resort arranges for a full suite of fitness activities and programs to help you get in shape or stay in shape.

Caliente Free Classes Schedule »

Caliente Events Coming July & Later...