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It wouldn't be Lustful Friday without a trip to the sexiest boutique around! Come pick up a few outfits and show them off at the Fiesta Night Club! #itsacalientething ...

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This ain't your grandma's Halloween party, or their Enchantment Under The Sea Dance. Nobody, does Halloween and New Years like Caliente does. Get your tickets now at http://calienteresorts.com and save a bundle! #itsacalientething ...

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Welcome to Lustful Fridays Caliente. We are renown for having the sexiest parties in the world, and Fridays are just the introduction. Come and see what its all about. #itsacalientething ...

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Hey Caliente sing it with me! "Oh yes, its ladies night, oh what a night!" Y'all already know what it is! We have ladies night at the Fiesta Night Club with sounds by @realiansmith and of course, complimentary house wines and well drinks for the ladies, from 8-10 PM. #itsacalientething ...

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Happy Thursday Caliente! The weekend starts tonight with Ladies Night, and our live music at Piano Bar. So put on your favorite outfit and lets dance! #itsacalientething ...

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We have the sexiest and best parties in all of Tampa Bay. All the proof, is in the party we have Saturday night. Featuring the incredible @nofilterorlando! Come unleash your wildest fetishes at the Ultra Sexy Fetish Ball. #itsacalientething ...

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The weekend is starting very soon and of course, at http://calienteresorts.com, there is no shortage of entertainment, especially live music! Come relax and having a stiff cocktail at the piano bar with some of the most amazing talent in all of Tampa Bay. #itsacalientething ...

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Feeling the mid week slump and want a mid week hump? Come hang for our mid week specials! Go to http://calienteresorts.com for more info! #itsacalientething ...

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