Caliente Club & Resorts is a world-class, luxury, clothing-optional resort. There is simply no better place to vacation or holiday, make new friends, or catch up with old ones, than at our resort surrounded by the feel of the Caribbean. Plus, at Caliente you have the freedom to experience your clothing-optional choice at your comfort level, so come out, relax, and enjoy all that Caliente Club & Resorts has to offer… for a day, a week, or a lifetime.


Is there an age requirement to visit Caliente Resorts?

Yes, persons under the age of Twenty One (21) will not be permitted in the Clubhouse and Amenities areas. Valid, Government-issued U.S. ID, or Passport, is required to purchase a day pass, or gain entry to the resort area.


Is there a dress code at Caliente?

No, Caliente is purely clothing-optional. You may choose to wear clothes, or be nude, based on your comfort level. Clothes are not required anywhere except gym, where gym attire and shoes are required to work out. Although clothing is not required in the Sports Bar, Cafe Ole Restaurant, or Fiesta Nightclub, most couples wear resort or club attire. Attire “appropriate for the occasion” is the only dress code. You are free to wear whatever you, the individual, feel most comfortable wearing, keeping in mind the rules of courtesy and respect for all.


Are “Cameras” allowed on Resort Properties?

While smartphones and tablets are allowed, the use of any camera by any unauthorized guest or person, is strictly prohibited. If you wish to take personal photographs during your stay, a security team member must be present while the photographs are taken.


What about Security at Caliente Resorts?

Caliente is a private and gated community, with full-time security staff on-site twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Concealed carry permits are invalid inside the resort area. Please report any suspicious behavior to security. Our security staff remains present, but not in a way that interferes with guest enjoyment. We ask that if you “See Something-Say Something.”


The “Unspoken” Rule!

We keep a classy-sexy environment at Caliente. Overt sexual behavior in public spaces, or the appearance of such behavior, is unacceptable at Caliente. Behavior “never needing an apology” is the norm. In all cases “No” means “No” even if it began with a “Yes.” The act of “Hovering” is also considered unacceptable behavior. Feel free to introduce yourself, but if the other party does not express interest in further contact one is expected to say “thank you” and move on.


Do you have to be a “Member” to get in?

Yes, because we’re clothing-optional in the USA, you must be a member to visit or stay at Caliente Club & Resorts. The good news is it’s easy to become either a Daily or Annual Member. And remember, if you’re a couple and stay just 18 nights with us, a Preferred Annual Membership will more than pay for itself. Couples or single females can purchase daily membership online here. All tickets purchased online must be printed and presented at the gate to gain entry.

For those who enjoy spending the night with us on a more frequent basis, whether you live in, or out, of state, you may want to consider our Caliente Vacation Club. Similar to our Annual Preferred Membership, the Vacation Club provides you 365-day access to the Resort and Amenities Going further, this membership option also includes your future accommodations at a significantly reduced rate. Additionally, the Annual Dues for Vacation Club Members are discounted, and you can use the membership for your world-wide travel goals. Our membership desk can help you choose the option best for you.


Are “Single Males” allowed to visit?

Yes, “Single Males” are welcome… clothing-optional is not for couples-only. Single males may purchase Vacation Club Membership, Preferred Annual Membership, or enjoy Caliente Club & Resort utilizing our Daily Entry Rates. Single male passes are available in-person only. Single male day passes are NOT available online, and they can be purchased in person only at the front gate. Single male passes are available between 8 am-11 pm, until maximum capacity is reached. There is a limited number of single male passes sold each day.


Is “Internet Access” available at Tampa?

Free WiFi internet access is available in the Main Clubhouse and Poolside area including Sports Bar and Tiki Bar.


Can you bring in Food or Beverages?

No, you’re NOT allowed to bring any of your own Food or Beverages into the Clubhouse or Amenities Area. Members or guests attempting to bring outside food and beverage in the clubhouse may loose amenities access. Please DO NOT bring coolers. Empty drink containers, such as tumblers and empty refillable water bottles, are allowed in the Clubhouse & Amenities Area.


Is “Laundry Service” available at Tampa?

Except for those rented at a monthly rate, daily housekeeping service is included in the price of all accommodations. Refreshing towels and trash removal are included in the daily housekeeping service. Every third day a “Full Clean” is provided, including a change of linens. For your convenience, should you need to wash clothes, our resort has a coin operated Laundry Room on-site.


What’s the “Cash Policy” at Tampa?

Caliente does NOT ACCEPT CASH for retail purchases at the resort, including food and beverages! Guests may charge purchases to their Credit Card directly including all overnight guests. In addition, Guests may purchase a “Cash Card” for CASH at Guest Services.


Are Pool Towels Available for Day Guests?

Pool towels are provided for resort overnight guests ONLY. Day visitors can purchase logo towels at the resort or bring personal towels.

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